Providing Recreational Opportunities for Responsible Sportsmen

Who Are We

Since 1975, NSA has been engaged in the management of wildlife resources for the benefit of landowners, sportsmen, wildlife and governmental agencies.

This family oriented hunt club has twenty plus prime properties in Northern Virginia north of Richmond.  Members have exclusive access to the properties year round for hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, target shooting, etc. There are four target ranges available exclusively for our members. There are several classes of membership which allows members to pick, choose and pay for only those activities which they wish to pursue. For example, if one just wants to hunt with primitive weapons, there is a membership just for that; if one wants to use our target ranges for target shooting, there is a membership just for that; in other words, one does not have to pay for activities which one has no interest in. Ticonderoga Deer Drive 3-5-16

All types of native big and small game are available including feral hogs, coyotes and woodchucks. The properties have enclosed and open air deer stands as well as existing waterfowl blinds. Members have exclusive access to several ponds, a lake and a trout stream. There is a 24/7 online reservation system in place which is structured so that overcrowding is never a problem and our members do not have to play a lottery by everyone attempting to make a reservation at the same time with no assurance that they will get the property and the area they wish to hunt. 

The properties are patrolled by our own security personnel. A number of the properties are managed under QDM guidelines. Although bird and rabbit dogs are allowed, the club does not allow the use of dogs in deer hunting. 

The rules of fair chase are strictly adhered too and safety is paramount. The club has properties in the following Virginia counties: Fairfax, Loudoun, Fauquier, Frederick, Warren, Shenandoah, Page, Caroline, Spotsylvania, Culpeper, and Rappahannock.  At the present time there are a limited number of membership openings.  To receive additional information on the benefits of membership, click on the contact us button and request an information packet.