Providing Recreational Opportunities for Responsible Sportsmen


Are memberships limited? Yes, we strive to maintain an active member to acreage ratio of 50 to 1.
Do the properties have existing tree stands? Yes, there are ladder stands, tower stands, and tripod stands on most of the properties
Can members use their own tree stands ? Yes
Are the stands available to any member regardless of the stand’s ownership? Yes
Are there improved camping areas (with amenities) on the properties? No, all camping is primitive or self-contained campers
Are there Firearms target ranges ? Yes, the ranges are primitive with a basic shooting bench and target holders out to 100 yards
Does NSA allow the use of hunting dogs? No, for deer hunting; Yes for other types of hunting
Does NSA have a central meeting place? Not at the present time
Does NSA promote social activities other than outdoor pursuits? No, all efforts are devoted to acquiring & retaining prime properties
How is access to the properties controlled? NSA requires advance reservations for the use of the properties
Are there check-in procedures at the properties? Yes, members sign-in and sign-out via a sign-in board or by other methods
Does NSA publish Newsletters and News Bulletins? Yes
Does NSA maintain a internet forum to facilitate communication among its membership? Yes
Does NSA require that its members contribute “work days” as a condition of membership? No
Does NSA have working arrangements with meat processors? Yes
Does NSA conduct “fund raisers” (raffles, auctions, etc)? Not at the present time
What is the main emphasis of NSA? Provide a safe and enjoyable outdoor experience for its membership

Eric Bromley Feral Hog CR 11-8-14